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Busrides is a product of the CSPS Digital Academy, and a destination created to deepen your understanding of everything digital and government.

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Topic: Trending Technology

The Viability Model Tool – Are You Ready for AI?

How can AI solve some of government’s thorniest problems? The aim of DSAI’s VMo tool is to inform decision-makers by assessing AI projects for potential in success and risks.

6 days ago6 min read

Topic: Data

12 Days of Data

See 12 of the most interesting data facts and resources.

2 months ago1 min read

Topic: Data

Evidence Informed Decision Making

Data doesn’t always include an analysis, this means that when you’re looking for evidence, you may have to interpret raw data by looking at sample sizes, algorithms, approaches etc.

2 months ago10 min read

Topic: Design

Playful Discoveries: Using Virtual Whiteboards to Collaborate

Many whiteboard tools are available online, built in with remote and distributed collaboration. They are intuitive and highly visual, so that complex ideas and concepts can be easily communicated and understood.

3 months ago6 min read

Topic: Open Government

APIs: Data Waiters in Disguise

Why are APIs so useful? Learn what they are, how they're being used and the still untapped potential they hold for Canadians and government itself. Originally published: March 5, 2020

6 months ago27 min read

Topic: Digital Transformation

What we’ve learned on our digital journey…so far

We often hear “let’s get digital” but what does it really mean? Learn how a large department like Public Services and Procurement Canada made it happen

8 months ago8 min read

Topic: Data

The Fourth Factor of Production — Giving Data its Due

Data has become the most prized commodity on earth. Data streams are more valuable than natural resources and this is having a major impact on the functions of public administration.

8 months ago5 min read

Topic: Design

Clicks and Tips: Maximizing your Productivity

Telework combined with the rollout of M365 tools has drastically changed the way we work. To keep pace in this new reality, we need to learn how to upgrade our skills, technically and behaviourally.

9 months ago3 min read

Topic: Data

A Closer Look at Women in Data

Data is (or should be) how we assess needs and should inform how we subsequently allocate resources for women. That isn't always the case.

10 months ago3 min read

Topic: FWDThinking Series

Balancing Inclusion and Innovation at FWD50 2020

Tech innovation needs to balance fairness, accessibility, and user-centric approaches with innovation in a way that engages all voices fairly.

10 months ago3 min read