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Busrides is a product of the CSPS Digital Academy, and a destination created to deepen your understanding of everything digital and government.

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Topic: Working with AI Series

Working with Artificial Intelligence Series: The Trust Factor in Generative AI

We’ll increasingly see AI integrated into day-to-day tools, with the promise of boosting efficiency and productivity. However, successful implementation of these tools depends on two important factors: reliability and trustworthiness.

15 days ago21 min read

Topic: Design

Clicks and Tips: Maximizing Your Productivity

This article explores practical approaches and powerful shortcuts, shedding light on how to leverage Windows shortcuts, enhance OneNote proficiency, and implement strategies for seamless workflow in the modern workplace.

a month ago6 min read

Topic: Security

Cyber Security in the Public Service

You are the epicentre of a network of private companies that collect, store, and use your data in different ways. Each service or company operates under its own terms, privacy policies and security risks.

2 months ago6 min read

Topic: Design

Working in Cross-Functional Teams

An effective cross-functional team needs people coming from various teams to be assigned to a project from beginning to end.

2 months ago8 min read

Topic: Trending Technology

How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Write Content for a Government Service

This article explains the steps for preparing a generative AI prompt you can use to draft an action page for government service content.

3 months ago4 min read

Topic: Data

Bridging the Gender Data Gap, Byte by Byte

Since data is primarily sourced from men, many of the solutions created to address problems are based on male realities.

3 months ago6 min read

Topic: Working with AI Series

Working with Artificial Intelligence Series: Co-Coding with AI

These AI tools excel in offering suggestions, finding and fixing bugs, and providing insights for code optimization. 

4 months ago13 min read

Topic: Data

Breaking Down Data Disaggregation

Data disaggregation involves breaking data into smaller parts to better understand a situation and make more informed decisions.

4 months ago5 min read

Topic: Digital Leadership

Navigating Complexity in the Digital Era

Complexity arises from the knotty interplay of interconnected systems. These complex systems give rise to non-linear, often unpredictable behaviours lacking straightforward cause-and-effect relationships.

4 months ago7 min read

Topic: Working with AI Series

Working with Artificial Intelligence Series: Writing Inclusive Prompts

With AI tools like large language models (LLM), a type of deep learning model designed to understand and generate human-like text based on the data it has been trained on, it's possible to draft messages that are both clear and inclusive.  

5 months ago13 min read