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Digital Transformation

Topic: Digital Transformation

Legacy Information Technology in the Public Service

In the federal public service, legacy IT systems continue to play an important role in day-to-day operations.

7 months ago9 min read

Topic: Digital Transformation

Exploring Low-and No- Code Tools

In recent years, low-code and no-code platforms have seen an increase in both popularity and use. These platforms allow users to gain higher productivity as a lot of the tasks they normally perform can be done in a visual editor and the platform itself generates the code.

2 years ago5 min read

Topic: Digital Transformation

Show Me Your Digital ID, Please

We’re focusing on how the concept of digital identity is evolving: from where we started, to where we are, and to where we are going.

2 years ago7 min read

Topic: Digital Transformation

Becoming a Developer 101

Learn the basics of development and coding languages.

4 years ago4 min read

Topic: Digital Transformation

The FlexGC Network

In this episode you’ll learn what FlexGC is and how it supports public servants.

4 years ago3 min read

Topic: Digital Transformation

Understanding the Government of Canada's Digital Standards

The world has undergone disruptive change in the last decades, driven by exponential advances in digital technologies. Our cars not only listen, but respond. Our banks approve online mortgage applications in minutes. Our favourite pizza joints let us track our pies from oven to door in real time.

5 years ago4 min read