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Topic: Design

Playful Discoveries: Using Virtual Whiteboards to Collaborate

Many whiteboard tools are available online, built in with remote and distributed collaboration. They are intuitive and highly visual, so that complex ideas and concepts can be easily communicated and understood.

a year ago6 min read

Topic: Design

Clicks and Tips: Maximizing your Productivity

Telework combined with the rollout of M365 tools has drastically changed the way we work. To keep pace in this new reality, we need to learn how to upgrade our skills, technically and behaviourally.

2 years ago3 min read

Topic: Design

Experience Mapping: Learning through experience

Experience mapping projects can seem overwhelming at first, followed by a lot of questioning and re-evaluating how work progresses. However, the final product and results are extremely rewarding.

2 years ago10 min read

Topic: Design

Design With Users #designwin

In this episode, we present three videos on the basics of user-centered design, which are commented by our colleagues Alvaro Vargas and Ksenia Cheinman.

4 years ago4 min read