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Aicha-Hanna Agrane

Aicha-Hanna Agrane

Policy analyst with an expertise in global affairs, cybersecurity, and countering disinformation. | Analyste politique spécialisée en affaires internationales, cybersécurité et contre-désinformation.

4 postsCanada
Topic: Design

Working in Cross-Functional Teams

An effective cross-functional team needs people coming from various teams to be assigned to a project from beginning to end.

a month ago8 min read

Topic: Security

Outsmarting Social Engineering

In cyber security, social engineering refers to a group of techniques used by threat actors to breach systems by targeting people with access to those systems, instead of targeting the system itself.

7 months ago7 min read

Topic: Security

Level Up Your Cyber Security Skills: Stay Ahead of Evolving Threats!

Cyber security breaches can have critical consequences for organizations, including identity theft, financial losses, data theft, damage to national security, reputational damage, and legal liability, to name only a few.

a year ago5 min read

Topic: Security

Fake News and Clickbait: Identifying Disinformation and Misinformation

The audience of disinformation is people, like you and I, using online platforms and tools. In this episode, we’re going to define disinformation and misinformation with examples.

2 years ago7 min read