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Topic: Data

Bridging the Gender Data Gap, Byte by Byte

Since data is primarily sourced from men, many of the solutions created to address problems are based on male realities.

2 months ago6 min read

Topic: Data

Breaking Down Data Disaggregation

Data disaggregation involves breaking data into smaller parts to better understand a situation and make more informed decisions.

3 months ago5 min read

Topic: Data

A Closer Look at Women and Data

Far too often, women (and transgender and non-binary individuals) are simply left out of research. This is concerning because data is (or should be) how we assess needs, design products and allocate resources.  

6 months ago5 min read

Topic: Data

The Importance of Evidence Informed Decision Making

Data doesn’t always include an analysis, this means that when you’re looking for evidence, you may have to interpret raw data by looking at sample sizes, algorithms, approaches etc.

3 years ago10 min read

Topic: Data

The Fourth Factor of Production — Giving Data its Due

Data has become the most prized commodity on earth. Data streams are more valuable than natural resources and this is having a major impact on the functions of public administration.

3 years ago5 min read

Topic: Data

What is cloud?

GC employees are using the cloud, whether they realize it or not. This episode explains cloud, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and the incentive to migrate from data centre servers to cloud servers.

4 years ago5 min read