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Learning Path: Discover Cloud

Discover Series10-04-2021
Visual representation of the content included in the Learning Path: Discover Cloud
Visual representation of the content included in the Learning Path: Discover Cloud

Start your Discover Cloud journey

We’ve recommended two core learning products in the Discover Cloud learning path. Consume them in the recommended order to achieve the best learning outcomes. Once you’ve completed the core products, we encourage you to look at the additional learning products to get the most out of this experience! Recommended learning includes a learning experience about cloud specifically for non-technical managers and executives.

The core learning in this learning path will take you between 1.5 and 2 hours to complete, based on your preferred journey.

Get familiar with the opportunities, applications and limitations of cloud computing.

Core Learning

We have all read or heard about needing to move to the cloud, but what is it really?

Whether you realize it or not, you are already plugged into the cloud. A basic understanding of cloud computing is essential for public servants in all disciplines.

Well done! You are ready to deliver a short pitch on cloud computing, explain why the Government of Canada is adopting a cloud-first approach, and describe the broader context for GC Cloud, including the role of the GC Digital Standards.

Keep the Learning Going

Building a love of learning about Cloud? We’ve recommended two additional learning product in the Discover Cloud learning path, depending on your role. Keep your Discover Cloud journey going!

All public servants

Managers and Executives

Are you a manager, executive or senior leader that feels lost in the "cloud?" Are you wondering: What is SaaS anyway, and do I really need to know?!? Welcome to GC Cloud for Managers and Executives. This learning content will provide you with the necessary foundation to support the Government of Canada’s transition to cloud computing (or GC Cloud) as part of your organization’s mandate.


You have completed the Discover Cloud learning path. It’s time to participate actively in workload migration in your organization, and to decide if you need to learn more about cloud - for your own interest or to be more effective in your job.

Next steps

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CSPS Digital Academy - L’Académie du numérique de l'ÉFPC

CSPS Digital Academy - L’Académie du numérique de l'ÉFPC

Teaching public servants the skills needed in today's digital age. | Enseigne aux fonctionnaires les compétences nécessaires pour l’ère numérique.


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