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Office of the Chief Information Officer Service Dashboard – TBS

GC Data Demos05-11-2021

The Treasury Board Secretariat creates a Government of Canada Service Performance Dashboard.


Mike Little
Digital Policy Oversight and Reporting


Hi, this is the Government of Canada Service Performance Dashboard, a collection of indicators and information that visualize for Canadians how services are delivered and whether they're delivered well. At Treasury Board Secretariat, we wanted to publish information on how government services are provided and whether they meet their service standards.

Last year, TBS published the new Policy on Service and Digital, which applies to 84 departments and agencies and empowers/requires them to provide good services. To start small, we started collecting service data from 11 core service departments. Departmental data was published on the open government portal as the GC Service Inventory. A series of data visualizations or dashboards, shows this information through text and charts. Each dashboard is its own website, with a template filled with live data from the open data set.

We think they're much easier to understand for those who don't want to look at the CSP files. The service performance dashboard increases transparency of government services, gives people more information about what the government does, and, of course, highlights both the areas that need improvement and the areas where we're doing well. Some of the challenges we overcame include data, quality and pipeline.

We cleaned up the data for consistency across all departments and worked with our TBS colleagues to get the data to the open government portal. Our TBS colleagues and open government did the hard work of coding the dashboard. Our cultural challenges included the challenge of doing something new and all of the uncertainties that brings. The next challenge will be communicating with all departments as we scale up. This includes sharing information, collecting feedback and collaborating. Thanks for watching and please visit the dashboards to see them for yourself.


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