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Evaluation of the Canada Apprentice Loan – ESDC

GC Data Demos05-11-2021

Employment and Social Development Canada uses  administrative data linking to create a Rich Data Bank for apprentice programs in Canada.


Yves Gingras
DG Evaluation Directorate


Hello, this is Yves Gingras DG of evaluation at ESDC, this project is about the evaluation of The Canada Apprentice Loan. The program is designed to support apprentices with the cost of their training up to four thousand dollars every time they make a request and for a maximum of twenty thousand dollars in the lifetime of an individual. The program is aimed at supporting the completion of the training of the individual. And in fact, the key amongst the key findings of this evaluation, we find that a third of the eligible population did apply and receive a loan and that the program does contribute to the completion of the training. The main difficulty in this evaluation was the lack of rich administrative data to measure the outcomes of the program. So to that end, a group of evaluators worked with staff in the chief data office and with officials from from Statistics Canada. Together, they put existing data from different programs, namely the apprenticeship grants, the Canada Apprenticeship Loan Program from the Employment Insurance Program and from the Registered Apprenticeship Information System.

The database that they created successfully supported the completion of this evaluation.

But the Rich Data Bank is available in the data centres now for anybody who would like to carry out a program analysis, research, or further evaluation on issues that relate to apprentices in Canada.

Thank you.

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