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Site Updates

Did you notice our new header and footer? We're still the same great site, but now we've incorporated the Content Style Guide!

v3.6 - Accessibility Icon!

We've added new accessibility features! Click on our Accessibility Icon to change the size, contrast, or toggle to grayscale to meet your viewing needs.

v3.5 - Live Definitions and Translations!

Simply highlight any text in an episode or on a page to immediately get a definition and translation powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

A GIF showing text being selected and a popup appearing with the definition & translation


  • Added ability to highlight text in any episode or page to see a definition and/or translation when available.
  • Added a snackbar notification system to alert users of new site features.
  • Created this updates page to present new site features.

v3.4 - GC Data Demo Library

Head over to the GC Data Demos page to view a series of videos showcasing innovations from across the GC data community that demonstrate the power of data to inform better policies, programs and operations.

A screenshot of the GC Data Demos page


  • New GC Data Demos page and content.
  • Images with text overlays now have more contrast for easier legibility and improved accessibility.
  • "Most Popular" has been replaced with "Top Results" in the search page.
  • Search sorting has been rewritten to better display top results.

v3.3 - The Busrides Egg Hunt!

We've hidden eggs around the site, check out the Egg Hunt page for hints and try to find them all! Please note this was a temporary event and has been removed.

A screenshot of the Busrides Egg Hunt page


  • Hidden eggs throughout the site.
  • New page featuring a list of hints to help find the eggs.
  • Egg Hunt progress is tracked on the hint page.

v3.2 - Learning Paths

We’ve put together an array of online learning products, including self-paced and instructor-led courses, blogs and videos, to help meet your individual learning needs and style.

A screenshot of the Learning Paths page


  • New Learning Paths page with description and paths.
  • New Learning Paths content featuring a unique design.

v3.1 - Topics Dropdown

You can now filter episodes through a dropdown menu on the homepage to choose a specific topic to view.

A GIF showing how the topics dropdown works


  • New dropdown on homepage to better filter/sort episodes.