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Episode 5

For those of you who have been knee deep in digital for a number of years, the hashtag #GCDigital makes sense. But beyond the hashtag, what does the expression “GCDigital” mean to you? We asked the question on Twitter.

You told us...

Put users first, make services simpler to use

In the early 2000s, the government got “on the internet”. The intention was to modernize government services, but the follow-through largely resulted in the digitalization of processes that already existed (the form is online in PDF format, you may print it). The world has changed and so have people’s expectations. It is time to re-imagine government and our services to meet these high standards.

Digital provides us with wonderful opportunities to get closer to citizen-users. We can design services with that are convenient, easy to understand and simple to use. For those of us inside government, it is easy to forget that we are not the user. We need to make our services more accessible, understandable and efficient. The recently released Government of Canada digital standards point the way and show how we can make this happen.

We have no more excuses. The government is taking big steps towards building technology, techniques and skills that will allow us to meet user needs.

Find different ways of working for better results

The work methods that we usually associate with digital (experimentation, agile, open) provide better results for users. They are also more effective in the use of public funds. They also shed a new light on how we can work: collaboratively, in multidisciplinary teams, open, engaged and authentic.

Digital is a state of mind: we need to ask different and new questions and find solutions to problems, and involve people with different perspectives. Digital is not only for our IT teams, it’s also for teams in charge of policies, legislation, operations and support services.

From a more technical perspective

You also told us we need to focus on better using our data, use and support open source projects and ensure government data is open data.

What others have to say about #GCdigital

We also asked a few other individuals "What does #GCdigital meant to you?". Here's what they had to say.  (Video, 6 minute watch, Digital Academy)


We loved hearing your responses and seeing the energy and passion you put into your work. This government has taken a huge leap forwards in the recent years and you are all a part of this. There is a lot of work still to do.

The Digital Academy is happy to be here as a partner and support as you continue to chart new courses for government and Canada. Let us know how we can help.

Learn more about #GCDigital

#GCDigital Video from the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (Video, 1:24, TBS Web site).

Speech: Honourable Scott Brison, President of the Treasury Board presentation at TEDxMoncton (Video, 17:31, TBS Web site).

Busrides - Trajet en bus

Busrides - Trajet en bus

Our mission is to broaden and deepen digital literacy. / Notre mission est d'élargir et d'approfondir la culture numérique.

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