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FWDThinking Series Episode 5, Part 1 - Canada’s Journey Toward Digital Government

FWDThinking Series09-25-2020

FWDThinking is a partnership between the CSPS Digital Academy and FWD50 organizers. This episode is Part 1 of a conversation about Canada’s digital government journey.

This year, Canada is chairing the annual Digital Nations Summit. As part of the lead-up to both the summit and the FWD50 conference, host Alistair Croll hosted a casual conversation between:

This is not the only time that Canada’s digital leaders come together. One such example of cross-Canada collaboration led by the Canada School of Public Service is happening with the upcoming six-week bootcamp, How to be Digital in the Canadian Public Service. Hosted by Apolitical, this course is a pan-Canadian initiative led by the Canada School of Public Service. The course provides an overview of the digital government movement, and what it means to do government differently.

Read the full transcript.

Some video highlights:

  • [4:00] Minister Murray points to the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit as an example of governments working across jurisdictions
  • [6:41] Dominique Bohn says that she prefers that people have better experiences of government
  • [10:00] Rick Wind notes that the importance of addressing skill gaps and modernizing public service approaches to solving problems
  • [16:00] Aaron Snow points out that, as unexciting as it sounds, efficiency is a selling point for digital government
  • [18:01] Hillary Hartley reflects that COVID drove home for government the importance of putting people at the heart of services
  • [20:56] Hillary Hartley talks about the need to work with policy from the get-go in the design and delivery of services
  • [25:25] Before signing off, Minister Murray reminds everyone that digital is at the heart of all the work of government
  • [31:10] David Heffernan reiterates the need for a pan-Canadian approach to digital identity
  • [40:40] Jaimie Boyd joins the conversation and emphasizes the need for collaboration across orders of government in order to deliver better, seamless services
Honey Dacanay

Honey Dacanay

Director, Digital Academy | Bureaucracy hacker, connector of people and ideas

Toronto, Ontario

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